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베베루브 아가용 네일 트리머 - 아이 손톱, 더이상 깍지 말고, 살짝 갈아주세요

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 Timid Mommy / Clumsy Daddy / Poor eyesight Grandma OK.
• Anyone can trim baby's nail
• Smooth nail-end: No more sharp and rough nails, no more scratches on baby face
• Risk Free: It is face from unexpected movements from a baby.
• No age limit to use: Easy to use for all age groups including grandparents or young siblings.

Product description:
With independent semiconductor process technique possession, the Beberuv nail of our company has outstanding quality.
Compare to the baby nail clipper and scissors, it is washable and disinfectant clean is possible, so usable for about one year, also it is perfectly safe from skin damage because of smooth nail-end.

It is made from approved material from FDA, also it has successfully taken KC(Korean certification mark) certificate. That means babies can bite, chew and play safely with it. Moreover, it is convenient and easy to use, so men and women of all ages are able to use.

Product composition:
1 piece of nail file and 1 piece of silicone case