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설화수 상백 크림 밀키 톤업 크린징 세트

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Sulwhasoo UV Wise Brightening Multi Protection Milky Tone Up 50ml Anti Pollution gift set

자외선, 유해환경 자극으로부터 피부를 강력하게 방어함과 동시에 편하게 지켜주는 저자극 브라이트닝 선크림

* UV wise brightening sure Cream no2
Milky tone up 50ml + 10ml
* gentle cleansing foam 50ml

Hypoallergenic brightening sunscreen that strongly protects the skin from UV rays and harmful environmental stimuli while keeping it comfortable.
*How to use
Take an appropriate amount and spread it out gently according to the skin texture.

• A hypoallergenic brightening sun cream features a broad spectrum of SPF50+/ PA++++ helps protect the skin from UV rays and external irritations.

• Creamy Glow: The soft, creamy texture helps deliver moisturized and glowing skin.

• Milky Tone Up: The refreshing milky texture helps brighten up the skin tone without stickiness.

Special gift  🎁 sample
Sulwhasoo essence 10 / sum cream 8
Feel of mask 3/ whoo sun cream 8
Green Tea mask 3