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오휘 미라클 모이스쳐 스킨캐어 세트

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OHUI Miracle Moisture skincare 2set

When our skin meet deep moisture, it looks transparent as if the paper met water.

The skin's miracle will never come when it is lack of moisture.

Chiffon ceramide™ will fill your skin with deep moisture and makes your skin even more moist and transparent everyday.
Keep your skin moisture

  ★ Miracle Moisture 2set

   .. Miracle Moisture Skin Softener - 150ml   + 20ml
   .. Miracle Moisture Emulsion - 140ml
   .. Miracle Moisture Foam Cleanser - 40ml
   .. Miracle Moisture Cream 7ml

 ## Miracle Moisture Skin Softener  - 150ml

   A hypoallergenic skin softener with natural plant-derived Chiffon ceramide™ that restores 

   the damaged moisture barrier of the skin-the texture, as highly refreshing as popping water
 drops, quickly soothes your sensitive skin after cleansing and fades dead skin cells to present
a chiffon-soft skin texture to you.

 * For soothing skin, refining skin texture and boosting.

※ Directions: After morning and evening's cleansing, take an appropriate amount of the product


## Miracle Moisture Emulsion - 130ml

   A hypoallergenic emulsion with natural plant-derived Chiffon ceramide™. The sturdy moisture 

    barrier make by Chiffon ceramide™ protects the skin from the outer stress-the texture containing

    abundant moisturizing ingredients seals in moisture in the skin compactly to maintain a water-
    absorbed clear complexion, like freshly cleansed skin, for a long time. 

Directions: After applyng essence, take an appropriate amount of the product and
spread evenly along your skin texture. To vitalize the entire face, pat lightly until it is absorbed. 

Special gift 🎁 sample
Ohui 777ampoule 5/miracle cream 10
Age recovery cream 5/sum cream10
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